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Can ms office 2010 run on windows xp sp2

First off, Id like to office explain what level of performance you can expect from minimum-requirement hardware.
Finally, members of our team used the test computers instead of their regular desktops for a week and reported on the experience.
I have one of these machines in my office, and when I office got it windows I couldnt help but laugh: it was manufactured in January 2000.
Office 2010 assumes a minimum of Microsoft DirectX.0c-compliant graphics processors with 64 MB of video memory.(Despite my hatred of Metro I do use Windows8 as my only OS on my main office machine.).OneNote 20 Word 20 PowerPoint 2010 Excel Starter 20 Word Starter 2010.How do we approach Office 2010s hardware requirements?Tasks like creating some simple pie charts or scatterplots that highlight your findings, and putting together a few slides summarizing your results for that meeting next Tuesday.Ive installed office home and business 2010 that i used on my old laptop, but it says I've exceeded the number of times it can be used.This is particularly relevant for users of PowerPoint 2010, which will introduce some awesome new graphics and video integration features (more info at the.If our measurement reads.99 GB, well make the system requirement.5.My team is responsible for compiling system requirements across Office, and Id like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we determine system requirements and the hardware your computer requires to run Office 2010.Our footprint has gotten larger since Office 2007, but were windows proud to say that weve succeeded in keeping the CPU and RAM requirements the same as for Office 2007.Following a major update about 2 weeks ago read more Shefin Software Support Specialist Engineering Diploma 277 satisfied customers Disclaimer: Information office in questions, answers, and other posts on this site Posts comes office from individual users, not windows JustAnswer; JustAnswer is not responsible for Posts.or to establish a professional-client relationship."It has a lot banking on Office 2010.". The data we collected showed that Office 2010 performance on minimum-requirement hardware is comparable to Office 2007.
If youre looking to buy a new computer, or if youre running Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008, you probably already have a machine that far exceeds the minimum requirements for Office 2010 (although mpeg- you should check first, just to be safe).
Theyre simply about getting typical tasks done.
The minimum hardware spec is about defining the kind of computer that an average Office customer needs to have in office order to have an acceptable experience performing typical tasks.
What is the problem?
"For marketing or companies focused on highly professional content, these capabilities in Office 2010 will help.".Performance was, as you might expect, slower than on average hardware, but nobody pulled out any hair (for reference, we believe that the average computer has.1 GHz dual-core processor and santas 2 GB of RAM.They will not run on Windows Server 2003 R2 with msxml.0 or Windows XP SP3.The Click-to-Run Application Manager shows you the download progress.As you might expect, more intensive tasks benefit from fast chips, more RAM, or speedy hard drives, and game newer hardware makes everyday tasks faster but the hardware requirements arent about making Office 2010 blazing fast, or about running several applications at once, or about crunching.We collect this sort of information through the Customer Experience Improvement Program, which Peter Koss-Nobel has explained in more detail in his blog post here.A graphics processor that meets or exceeds the standard will help speed up some of the graphics features youve office used in earlier versions of Office, and it will help you use advanced transitions, animations, and video features new to PowerPoint 2010.These processors were widely available in 2007, and most computers available today include a graphics processor that meets or exceed this standard.Sheri McLeish in a recent report.So I would like to install my legal copy of office 2010 on the laptop and use it's excel to work with the quickbooks file read more Aaron B Computer Repair Technician High School or GED 1,035 satisfied customers My computer (purchased from Dell in2012.CPU and RAM requirements for Office 2010 are the same as for Office 2007, so if your computer meets the Office 2007 system requirements, you can run Office 2010.Rennan Lui, windows iT Engineer Specialist, computer Science 2,057 satisfied customers, husband has been using excel office for some years and now husband has been using excel office for some years and now has message office coming up to say windows it is not activated and needs.Will my add-ins work?Microsoft Office Click-to-Run uses Microsoft streaming and virtualization technology to significantly reduce the time that is required for you to download and begin experiencing the new features of Microsoft Office 2010.